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Ultimate Shiny SOS Guide

Hey there, shiny hunters. How goes the day?

I was recently shown a Google Document with a really good tutorial about SOS chaining. I like it quite a bit, and I think you will too. This guide was written by “dmann”, so if there’s anything you find that can be improved, leave a comment below, and all feedback will be sent over his way.

Firstly, hey. I decided to write this for Gen 7, because this looks like this hasn’t been done. And shinies are what everyone wants.

Second, this may be a bit lengthy, as certain pokemon/movesets need an explanation.

Third, there is a link for all to look at that explains where I get this from; Yeah

Now we have a link for overview, I will explain how each pokemon works, in turn. Also note, everything in the link from the thicker black line down is fluid, depending on the situation. Also note, all the pokemon are level 100, and have EVs, IVs and natures that compliment their job. Plus Maximum PP, and Max Affection (it can help). Also, some are from Generation 6, cause of Move Tutors, and Hidden Abilities. However, with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the Move Tutors are there too.


First in the team: Dugtrio.

Why that one in front over others you ask? How did you get th-

Simple answer, its the Kanto variant. Its Ability, Arena Trap, works like Illuminate, which increases encounters. It also holds a Smoke Ball, which means if you are searching and don’t encounter what you want, you can escape without worry. Its for finding the pokemon you want, and being able to flight or fight.

The moveset:

Stealth Rock via Move Tutor, which is useful for hunting anything with Sturdy.

Second on team:

Smeargle #1.

Why Smeargle?

Its versatile as heck, with an infinitely customizable moveset, through Sketch. It is the main battler. It holds Leftovers, because. All 3 Smeargle do. It has Technician as Ability

The moveset:

Substitute. Why? It will stop some moves injuring and affecting you. And with other things, it is easy.

Aerial Ace. Why? It is a never-miss move, you never hit your opponent directly (which stops some abilities proccing) and it will injure anything. With Stealth Rocks, you can KO and KO until the cows come home.

Reflect Type. Why? Typically your opponent has moves that do a persistent effect (burn, poison, etc), and usually its own typing (Fire, Poison, etc) can stop the effect hitting.

You CAN swap Reflect Type for Conversion 2, if you go against something

that uses Take Down a lot (see Beldum) or uses similar moves.

Skill Swap. Why? Its needed for the 6th party member guest stars. To get the Ability onto Smeargle.

Third on team: Smeargle #2.

Reason why is as above. The job is VERY different though. It also has Own Tempo over Technician because of Confusion.

The moveset:

Soak: Why? It is the crux of the catcher. It weakens the harder defense types, makes Ghosts vulnerable to Normal Type moves, and makes Grass Type Spore moves hit it too.

False Swipe: Why? You will never KO the Shiny when you hit them. Easy.

Spore: Why? Sleep the Shiny, and you increase the catch chances. Useful for if you want a particular ball for it, plus things that can auto-KO (with moves) are unable to act for a time.

Gastro Acid: Why? Because, despite Soak being brilliant, it can’t account for Insomnia, Early Bird, and similar abilities.

Fourth on Team: Smeargle #3.

This may get boring. Also has Own Tempo though.

The moveset:

Baton Pass. Why? To get the stat buffs onto Smeargle #1.

Aqua Ring. Why? Health recovery. And for those opponents that hit like a truck, that being higher level ‘mon, those that cut your HP with dirty tricks, and make Substitute Useless, it can be clutch. Its 1/16 + 1/16 = 1/8 per turn. Never hurts.

Dragon Dance. Why? Attack and Speed Buff. It can help with KOing. Buff to +6.

Minimize. Why? Dodging things are good. Also buff to +6.

Fifth on team: Trevenant

Finally a different pokemon. The pokemon has Harvest as its ability, and holds a Leppa Berry, the reason of which will be explained in due course. Why Trevenant? Its typing (Grass/Ghost) is better than other people may use (Alolan Exeggutor (Grass/Dragon)) and its moveset will reflect that.

The moveset:

Skill Swap. Why? Putting Harvest on the first pokemon you fight. It is half of a tactic called Infinite Chaining. There are a few abilities that Skill Swap doesn’t work on, as a word of advice. Get this from Move Tutors.

Trick. Why? The other half of the Infinite Chaining game. You give the first pokemon the Leppa Berry it holds. The advantage Trick has over Bestow (which Alolan Exeggutor gets as its pre-evolved form) is that you need not worry about your opponent holding an item. Another Move Tutor Move.

Thief. Why? You want to potentially get that Leppa Berry back at the end, and KO the Infinite Chainer in the process, right? Unless you have enough Leppa Berries to fill a landfill. This is a TM move.

Forest’s Curse. Why? It can give Grass typing to a pokemon. Can be useful maybe. Learned from levelling up.


Because it seems people may need this, I am adding this in. Alternate main fighters.

Why do we need this? Have you gone ma-

No, I haven’t. But some things need specialized jobs, and movesets. The things will usually have, as normal, a Leftovers though.

Lockdown Smeargle.

Why? Its got the same ability as the normal fighting Smeargle. Its moveset is different though.

Aerial Ace. As above, so below.

Skill Swap. Yup. If there is another move you need locked down, swap out for it.

Imprison. This is a new one. Its for the 4th move.

This move is the move you want to lock down, being maybe Spite, or Absorb (and its upgrades), etc.


This may be a confusing one. Its good for Alolan Geodude hunting, with Damp as its ability.

The moveset.

False Swipe. You want to get caught out by a grumpy exploding Geodude? Its a TM in this case.

Spore. Sleeping the Geodude.

Brick Break. Beating down the Geodude. You will hit regardless. You will need Stealth Rock to make sturdy useless on the opponents.

X Scissor. Another damaging move.

There are other alternate fighters (Lightning Rod A-Marowak, Intimidate Mawile, etc) but it depends what floats your boat.


Now the main 5 have been explained, onto the 6th members. These are there to give Abilities. I would have more, but there are some I can’t access that would be useful. There are some that are Ultra Sun/Moon exclusive too. Which will be pointed out. When brought, these hold a Leftovers. There are also more that can be added, with different abilities, but because of the abilities disadvantage, I don’t use it, or it seems useless. These are the ones I personally use though. FYI *cough*NeedaHASpritzee*cough*

How these work. First, research your opponent, find out its moveset, Its call rate, anything that you need to, and work out what is your best 6th member. When the pokemon calls its first ally, move the ability onto the first called with the move provided. Then buff with Smeargle #2, swap to Smeargle #3 with Baton Pass, and Skill Swap the ability off the ally. Then go to town on the allies, attacking with Aerial Ace, using PP restores (usually Leppa Berries of your own) every so often, and using Adrenaline Orbs when no ally is called, and you don’t need PP, until a Shiny shows.

There is a reason I didn’t include Sylveon, which is that the Ability Cute Charm. And the reason is, while its possibly useful, it doesn’t work when you Skill Swap it for SOSing. I know this from experience.


Ability is Intimidate. Why? Its an essential for hunting things that have a low call rate (Turtonator, Absol, Tauros as examples) because it doubles the rate of SOS calls without any disadvantages. Of which there are 2 other similar abilities, Pressure, with the disadvantage of doubling PP usage of the opponent (meaning they run out faster), and Unnerve, with the disadvantage of stopping Berry Usage (meaning Infinite Chaining would fall apart).

Has Skill Swap as a Move Tutor move.

Grumpig #1

Ability is Own Tempo, which stops confusion. Which means less hitting of oneself. Better than using an Ability Capsule on Smeargle (which is expensive).

Has Skill Swap as an Egg Move from Sylveon, or as a Move Tutor Move.

Grumpig #2

Ability is Thick Fat, which halves Damage from Fire and Ice Type Attacks. Its cool.

The source of Skill Swap is the same as Grumpig #1.


Ability is Pressure. I explained how Pressure isn’t brilliant.

Has Skill Swap as an Egg Move from Solosis and its evolutionary line, or as a Move Tutor Move.

Pangoro #1

Ability is Scrappy. This could be useful if you are haunted by Ghosts.

Has Entrainment as a Move from levelling up.

Pangoro #2

Ability is Mold Breaker. Its useful if you have something that has a trolly ability, like Mimikyu’s disguise, Sturdy, etc, though with Stealth Rocks, it can be moot. It also can beat Shell Armor, Fur Coat, and Queenly Majesty. I’ve never used it, because it doesn’t fit anything.

The source of Entrainment is the same as Pangoro #1.


Ability is Limber. It can stop you getting Paralyzed, which can make things difficult cause of lost turns.

Has Entrainment as an Egg Move from Buneary or Pangoro and its evolutionary lines.

Carbink #1

Ability is Clear Body. It works if you are hit with a lot of moves that mess with your stats. Its a clearly useful ability.

Has Skill Swap as a Move from levelling up.

Carbink #2

Ability is Sturdy. Its useful if the enemy can do damage that 1-hits.

The source of Skill Swap is the same as Carbink #1


Ability is Levitate. Makes you Immune to Ground Attacks. Has floaty use.

Has Skill Swap as an Egg Move from Solosis and its evolutionary line, or as a Move Tutor Move.

Sigiliph #1

Ability is Magic Guard. Stops Indirect Damage. Can have use with tricks.

Has Skill Swap as a Move Tutor move.

Sigiliph #2

Ability is Wonder Skin. Halves the accuracy of Status moves. Some use.

The source of Skill Swap is the same as Sigiliph #1.

Mr. Mime #1

Ability is Soundproof. Stops sound based moves from affecting the pokemon. This includes Roar etc.

Has Skill Swap as a Move Tutor move.

Mr. Mime #2

Ability is Filter. Reduces Damage from Super-Effective moves by 1/4 , which could be useful.

The source of Skill Swap is the same as Mr. Mime #1.

Jynx #1

Ability is Oblivious. Can stop Infatuation and similar things. Lovely.

Has Skill Swap as a Move Tutor move.

Jynx #2

Ability is Forewarn. Warns about strongest move.

The source of Skill Swap is the same as Jynx #1


Ability is Overcoat. Protects from Sandstorm, Hailstorm, Powder and Spore Moves, and Effect Spore.

Has Skill Swap as a Move from levelling up.


Ability is Moxie. Increases Attack if you defeat a pokemon. Could be useful as you rapidly KO things, or if you have something that likes to lower attack, as a counter.

Has Entrainment as an Egg Move from Dedenne or Pangoro and its evolutionary line.

Octillery #1

Ability is Sniper. Increases the damage of Criticals. Could be useful if you crit a lot.

Has Entrainment as an Egg Move from Dewpider and its evolutionary line.

Octillery #2

Ability is Suction Cups. Stops automatic switch out moves affecting you. Not sucky at all.

The source of Entrainment is the same as Octillery #1.


Ability is Hustle. Increases the Attack of physical moves. Useful, and works well with Aerial Ace.

The source of Entrainment is the same as Octillery #1


Ability is Water Bubble. Halves the damage from Fire Type Attacks, Doubles Damage of Water Type Attacks, and gives immunity to burn. Hot if Scald is involved.

Has Entrainment as a Move from levelling up.


Ability is Unaware. Makes Stat Changes be ignored. Useful if you want something uninterested.

Has Skill Swap as a Move Tutor move.


Ability is Inner Focus. Prevents Flinching. Has uses from hitters.

Has Skill Swap as an Egg Move from Sylveon, or as a Move Tutor Move.


Ability is Early Bird. Speeds waking up when asleep. If you want less sleep lost, use Insomnia Instead.

The source of Skill Swap is the same as Girafarig #1.

Banette #1

Ability is Frisk. Lets you check the items on opponents. Useful for pocket checks.

Has Skill Swap as a Move Tutor move.

Banette #2

Ability is Insomnia. Prevents Sleeping. Very Useful for working all night.

The source of Skill Swap is the same as Banette #1.


Ability is Compound Eyes. Increases the rate that Items are held on opponents. Situationally Useful for pocket fills.

Has Skill Swap as a Move Tutor move.


Ability is Infiltrator. Lets you bypass Barrier Moves. Very Useful if you want to fight over the wall.

Has Skill Swap as an Ultra Sun and Moon ONLY Move Tutor move.


Ability is Analytic. It increases the Damage done if the pokemon acts after others. Can be useful if you are slow.

Has Skill Swap as an Egg Move from Abra, Drowzee, Gothita, and Elgyem evolutionary lines, Mr. Mime, and Spinda, all from a previous generation, or as a Move Tutor Move.


Ability is Water Compaction. It raises defense when hit by Water Type Attacks. Useful if you want to sand up for yourself.

Has Skill Swap as an Ultra Sun and Moon ONLY Move Tutor move.

Donation Disclosure: November 2017

Hello, dear readers!

As I said in this post, I’ll be making a monthly breakdown of all the money people have given the site, through Patreon or single donations.

Referring to November of 2017, the site has collected 34.27 USD, all of that from Patreon pledges.

What I will be using this money on? The site has been upgraded for 3 more months, preventing it from being locked when it gets 200 views/day. The payment has been made and, until June, it’ll be fully accessible.

Also, a little note. If you subscribe to the blog, you’ll see whenever I post something, which usually means there’s a new version of the site up.

Hope you’re liking the Shiny Hunting Helper. Look forward to the updates coming soon.

FIXED: Bug: DexNav Pages

Hey, guys, and gals too. RobSp1derp1g here.

I’ll be honest and say that I finished the DexNav pages in a bit of a hurry. And, as a result, they had a bug. Well, not really a bug, more of an oversight, and as I’m writing this, I’m working to fix it, shouldn’t take me more than two days (I can’t code on the SHH while at work, so yeah).

I’ll post an update once it’s fixed.

Edit: the pages have been fixed. I added a slot for the number of chain links each Pokémon is (for example: how many links in the chain were Zigzagoon.

I really think they now work as expected.


This is the part of the site where I ask for your money.
But it’s not as direct as that sentence made it sound. There’s a reason for it.

I’ve always stated that the Shiny Hunting Helper is and will always be free for those who wish to use it. That being said, the hosting service is not.

In October, after posting a link to the site on Reddit, I learned a hard truth. The free hosting service I had only allowed me to have 201 visitors/day, after that, it would be locked out for everyone, even me. So I raised some money and paid for 3 months of hosting without a visitor limit. It will stay active until the February 7th, 2018, ironically, the day after this site was made.

In order to continue providing this service, I will need money. I’m not asking for a crazy amount, like 500 dollars (although I *do* appreciate the gesture), I just need enough money to keep the site alive.

Next year, though, things change. I have a 3DS, I’ve got Ultra Moon arriving in a couple of days, on launch day, and I’ll be able to continue updating the site as per normal. Come Pokémon Switch, and it ends. I don’t have a Switch, and will probably not be able to get one anytime soon.

But here’s what can be done about it: I have a Patreon where you can help out the site on a monthly basis, or a link for single donations.

What I intend to do is collect all the money I need to keep the site alive and without visitor locks, and any money that exceeds that, will go to a Switch fund.

If you ask me, that sounds like a reasonable solution. But I’ll do you one better.
I’ll make monthly posts like this detailing the donations I get, both from Patreon and from single donations to Paypal. I want you to know where your money is at all times, and how I’m going to spend it.

Lastly, I’d like to take a page from BirdKeeper Toby’s book and say that your donations are never expected, but always appreciated.

Changelog – Vers. 2.5

February 16, 2018 – Version 2.5 – Ultra Stuff
– Added the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon pages, including the Ultra-anticipated Ultra Warp Ride Ultra pages! They’re not that Ultra, but once I’m done with the new ones, they will be.
– Tweaked the taglines, because I felt like it, and it doesn’t take me that much time.
– No, responsiveness isn’t in this release yet. But I promise that by the end of 2018, the site will either be dead or responsive. Hopefully the latter.
– Changed the Shiny Xurkitree sprite, as it included bits that weren’t wanted or needed.
– I bet you guys are sick of the word Ultra by now, aren’t you?

November 12, 2017 – Version 2.2.5
– Made a blog. So 2013 of me. This is going to be the main place where I will keep people up to date with what’s up in the world of Shiny Hunting.
– Changed the menu to add a link to the blog, but still keep it as a single line.

November 9, 2017 – Version 2.2
– Added the Shiny Breeding page.
– Overhauled the DexNav pages. Now they are similar to the Horde Encounter pages, and work just like them.
– Upgraded the hosting service. Now the site can have more than 201 visits per day.
– I’m gathering data to develop a Random Encounters page for every game. Boy, that’s gonna be hell. But I can pull it off.

October 9, 2017
– Now you can see the call rate for every Pokemon.
– Added a breeding helper for Generation 2. That was a pain…
– Successfully developed a flu. “The error completed successfully.”

September 2, 2017
– Added the new logo, courtesy of UltraTom.
– Changed the mechanics of the Horde Encounter pages. Now it shows what Pokémon can appear in Hordes in each Route.
– Added the Shiny Hunting Helper t-shirt on my Teepublic page.

June 29, 2017
– Tweaked the pages for Sun and Moon’s SOS chains and the Chain Fishing script was tweaked as well.
– Added the donation reminder to the bottom of the result window.

June 9, 2017 – Version 2.0
– Finally completed the site. Only took me 6 months.
– If Bill Cypher gains physical form, ALL IS LOST!!

May 4, 2017 – Version 2.0
– All methods have their own page. The pretty nifty menu is there to help people navigate the site.

February 22, 2017 – Version 2.0
– Restructured the site, maintaining its structure. Added shiny hunting methods from all the core series Pokémon games, fom Gold and Silver, to Sun and Moon.
– Added a little endcard when the shiny hunting session is ended.
– More things that I can’t recall right now.

January 28, 2017 – Version 1.1.7
– Added the remaning forms for Pokémon. Forms that only exist inside a battle were not added because, what’s the point?

January 24, 2017 – Version 1.1.6
– Added jQuery.
– Next version will have form differences, other than Alola forms.

January 24, 2017 – Version 1.1.5
– Added a little text as instructions. Don’t know why, though. Nobody ever reads the instructions.

January 19, 2017 – Version 1.1.4
– No bugs to fix. YAY!!
– Added Title tags to the image.
– Rearranged the pages to instruct the user to select a method of chaining.
– Minor text fixes.

January 18, 2017 – Version 1.1.3
– Corrected a few more bugs
– Removed Herobrine
– Altered the page’s structure to create a better experience – Added Blessing by Lord Helix

January 18, 2017 – Version 1.1
– Corrected a few bugs on the website that made it not work properly
– Added Alola Formes
– Added Blast Processing

January 17, 2017 – Version 1.0
-Created the basic funcionality of the website.


Hey, look! I found a shiny bug!

This is a post where you can let me know of any bugs you encounter while using the site.

I ask you that you follow this template  (copy and paste it for easier reference):

Game: (What game you are hunting on?)
Method: (What method are you using?)
How far are you: (How far are you in the chain?)
Description: (Please provide a description of the bug, so that I may replicate it and fix it. Please be as accurate as you can.)

UPDATED: The To-Do List

Like the name suggests, and like I said in the other post, this is the place where I will let you know what ideas will come into fruition, regarding the Shiny Hunting Helper.

Today is: November 13th, 2017.

These are in no particular order:

  • Wormhole Riding (These pages have been completed)
  • Random Encounter pages (This one is not tough to implement, but it will take a long time. Although, I am collecting data to make them, so they WILL be a thing.)
  • Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon SOS pages (Completed as well)
  • Generation 2 Shiny Breeding Helper (This one will be tough, and let me tell you why. I don’t know of a way to teach the site about multi-level breeding, and combining that with the Egg Groups. If any reader out there knows of a way, please let me know.)
  • Friend Safari overhaul. (I’ll be the first to admit that having a target Pokémon is nice and all, but sometimes, the shiny you get isn’t the one you’re looking for. So I’ll overhaul the Friend Safari pages, to give them a better look, a better functionality, and a better feel.)
  • Responsiveness. (Being worked on. Will be a thing in the next version of the site.) The bane of my existance. Not really, but a lot of my users visit the site from mobile devices. And while an app would be ideal, a responsive website is something I must have. People dig the menu, but not on mobile.

The Shiny Hunting Helper

The Pokémon game series was released in 1996, and since then it has caught the attention of fans of all ages.

The first games, Pokémon Red and Blue, were released to the Game Boy, followed by Pokémon Yellow.

In 2001, the sequels were released, Pokémon Gold and Silver, for the Game Boy Color. As the name indicates, the Game Boy Color could show 56 colors from a palette of 32,000, something mindboggling for a handheld console. To highlight that fact, the company that made the Pokémon games, Game Freak, decided to add a special game mechanic.

All Pokémon of a certain species look the same, but the Random Number Generator can generate a number that will change the color of a certain individual Pokémon. When encountered, a little animation is shown, as if the Pokémon was shining. Hence the nickname: Shiny Pokémon. And it never stopped.

Since 2001, players have tried to find these specimens for their collection, some with better luck than others.

Since the release of Pokémon X and Y, in 2013, that catching these Pokémon has been easier than ever before. Certain codes have been inserted in the programming of the games, making the catching of Shiny Pokémon is extremely easy (too easy, according to some players), through the creation of “chains.”

I remember asking on Reddit, one day, if there was some sort of tool that would help me count the links in a chain. The answer wasn’t the best: “You have a calculator in Windows, don’t you? That’ll do.” The calculator isn’t the best for these counts, as making one mistake would render the whole count useless.
Many players, myself among them, had no methods to keep track of chains, leading to more work because, if the chain were to be broken, we’d be forced to start over.

I decided I’d be the one to fix this. I made a site that would help players keep track of links, but was easy to use, intuitive and free.

That site is known today as the Shiny Hunting Helper.

Ideas for the site

The Shiny Hunting Helper is a website about Pokémon, and much like Pokémon itself, it is in constant evolution.

Some ideas on the site, like the Call Rates on SOS Battles pages, have been suggested by friends and fans of the site.

If there is an idea you’d like to see implemented on the site, please leave a comment on this post, and if it is within my ability, I’ll make it into a feature for the site.

There will be a public post where I keep track of the ideas I can include on the site. It shall be called: The To-Do List.