CANCELLED: Competition: Shiny-fy the Gen8 Starters

EDIT: This competition was cancelled due to lack of entries. Seriously, not a single one…

Hello, fellow Shiny Hunters!

Today, Pokémon Day 2019, the new Pokémon games were announced, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. And the starters are the coolest thing ever! They’re really cool, but everything is better as a shiny.

So here’s your chance to prove how awesome your art skills are. Below you’ll find the links to the official artwork of the starters. Download them and give them the best shiny coat of paint you can think of.

As for prizes, well, a Sword and Shield call for another sword and shield.

1st prize – Shiny Honedge
2nd prize – Shiny Shieldon
3rd prize – Shiny Smeargle
These will be delivered by trade from my copy of Pokémon Ultra Moon, so you’ll need any of the Alola games to receive your prize.

Each starter will be judged separately. That means that there will be 9 winners, 3 for each starter.

Send your submissions to, amd I’ll post the winners on April 1st.

Let’s see what you guys can come up with.

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