Donation Disclosure: December 2017 & News

Hi there, fellow shiny hunters! I hope your hunts have been productive.

December has come and gone and I have received the Patreon payment for the month of December, and here is the monthly disclosure post.

I have been paid 29.94 USD. What will I spend the money on? I was thinking of something along the lines of a real life Shiny Charm, like this really cute one on Etsy, but it’s not for sale anymore…

In that case, I’ll save the money up, that way, I can continue to update the site during the upcoming Generation 8. All these words mean: “I’m saving up to buy a Switch.” It’s stated in the site’s Patreon page. It’s one of the goals.

Until such a time arrives, I’ll keep updating the site with new content for Gen 7. What new content? Here’s where the “News” part of the title comes in.

Remember the new method of shiny hunting in Ultra Sun and Moon, called Ultra Warp Ride? The odds have been datamined. And saying the odds are broken is an understatement.

A fully-maxed Chain Fishing chain has a shiny chance of 1/100. That’s 1%, if you know your math (and even if you don’t). That 1% is the base rate for shinyness in Ultra Warp Ride, discounting Legendary Pokémon.

I’ve made a very basic page to show the odds of shinyness, but I want to release everything USUM-related at the same time.

I ask you to bear with me for a while, because I can’t develop the site full time. I’d love to do that, but I can’t do it. When I release USUM pages, it will be when they’re ready. And I’m making them easier to work with. The site’s gonna be really great, I assure you, guys.

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