UPDATE: Shiny Hunting Helper 3.0

The Shiny Hunting Helper evolves once again.

This is a red-letter day.
After over 2 years of active development, the Shiny Hunting Helper is ready to be used by everyone.

Let me guide you through the main features of the Shiny Hunting Helper:

  • Mobile support: I realize the first versions of the Shiny Hunting Helper were not mobile friendly, that’s why I spent an extra year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber just handling the mobile interface. I’ll be honest, it looks dope.
  • Improved Shiny counters: “What can be improved about counters”, I hear you ask. And I can answer that with one example: In the SOS pages, you can now see what Pokémon can be found in each location, what that Pokémon can call for help, and the chance those Pokémon will answer the call for help.
  • And probably the best selling point of the SHH 3.0, Automatic Hunt Saving: The Shiny Hunting Helper uses a cutting-edge, decades-old technology to save your shiny hunts. The use of cookies allows the player to resume their hunt, just like it was brand new. There are some caveats to this, but these will be handled in due time.

There are some more features that I still want to implement, but these will wait, as my focus now is to add the Random Encounter pages.

I hope you enjoy using the Shiny Hunting Helper and be sure to send images of your shinies to @ShinyHuntHelper on Twitter!

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