Donation Disclosure February 2018 + Site Update Update

Hey Shiny hunters, how goes the hunt?

This post is the monthly donation and Patreon disclosure. It says February 2018, not because I skipped a month, but because I learned the error of my ways, and realize I was one month behind. It happens.

This month, I have received through Patreon, the amount of 28.21 USD. Unless I have an emergency, this money will not be used any time soon. No direct donations so far.

I’ll use this post to talk about the upcoming site update. That’s why Update is written twice on the title. I mentioned last month that I had developed a prototype page for Ultra Warp Ride. I’m happy to announce that I’ve made a non-prototype page for that method, and will release it along with the New SOS pages for SunMoon and USUM. It’s taking a bit more time than expected because I have been overwhelmed with stuff to do, but hopefully that load will soon lighten.

Until then, good hunting!

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